Baan Thai Massage



Thai Massage is a unique and powerful healing art that has been an important part of traditional Thai medicine for thousands of years. Ancient Thai people believed that “the absence of illness is a blessing” and they believed  illnesses can be avoided by maintaining health, balance and well-being. This holistic approach includes a healthy diet, regular physical exercise, meditation and, importantly, Thai Massage.


If you are feeling tired, stressed of suffer any kind of muscle pains or aches then take time out from your hectic life and treat yourself to an hour of bliss. You will leave feeling totally relaxed , energised and ready to take on the days ahead with confidence.


We offer a variety of treatments for ladies and gentlemen by fully qualified and experienced practitioners from Thailand. Our Masseuses are on hand to give advice to all our guests and will tailor treatments according to age and need. We aim to give you the very best treatments at affordable prices.


Please call now to make an appointment on 0208-744-8100, or mobile 077-1273-6209.


Head, neck, shoulder, back or any muscle pain?

Sleeping tensions, tiredness, migraine, sport injuries?

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Covid-19 Update: We plan to re-open in August 2020. Exact date to be decided.



In the meatime please continue to stay safe.